Rice Cooker Soup | Simple Rice Cooker Chicken Soup Recipe

Simple Rice Cooker Chicken Soup Recipe

A simple rice cooker soup recipe can make your cooking easy and enjoyable. You can make different types of soup using your rice cooker. And here, I’m going to talk and make chicken soup. I have also used some vegetables and eggs in this soup recipe. And you are always free to customize the ingredients list as you wish.

Rice Cooker Soup

So How to Make Rice Cooker Soup?

The process is quite simple and easy. A newbie cooker also can make soup following this simple rice cooker soup recipe. And you can also make chicken broth or stock following the same cooking method.

However, to make chicken soup in the rice cooker, I have used some boneless chicken, carrot as veggie and egg. And some other ingredients that are commonly used for making chicken soup.

At first, I have cooked chicken and vegetables with some ingredients. This comes out like chicken broth or stock. Then I removed the chicken pieces and shredded them. After that, I have added other chicken soup ingredients including eggs and shredded chicken. And finally cooked for few minutes to make the final dish.

Rice cooker chicken soup

However, following this cooking method, you can make vegetables soup, egg drop soup, chicken noodles soup, fish soup, rice soup, etc. using a rice cooker.

The only one thing you must remember is that cooking time can be different for different rice cookers. Also, the amount of ingredients you are using for a recipe is also a major fact for cooking time. So you must adjust the cooking according to your rice cooker power, size and your recipe. My 730W Panasonic Rice Cooker takes almost 30 minutes to make this rice cooker chicken soup.

Final Words

Rice cooker soup can be made using different ingredients and different cooking methods. And you will fall in love with your rice cooker after cooking something different than rice. I have already tried several recipes in my rice cooker and almost all of them come out perfectly.

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